I direct plays, organize cultural events, and participate in NGOs. I co-founded the podcast Odsłuch społeczny and the theater group 3kolektyw. Currently, I am involved in Dom Sztuki, a community cultural center.

My texts have been published in Dialog, Political Critique, Szum Magazine and Time of Culture. In 2023, I was awarded a City of Warsaw scholarship.

I raise a dog, take care of the vegetable garden and try not to rush.

I am actively
involved in culture

I combine different disciplines in my practice, but everything I’ve worked on is tied together by a theatrical perspective. In 2017, I directed the play symmachia, which premiered in Wrocław. In 2020, I drew inspiration from a family story, which became the starting point for My City, presented in Warsaw. Shortly afterwards, I co-authored an installation based on the The Xenofeminist Manifesto shown at the Biennale Warszawa.

I lead meetings and workshops, including the Fury Block in Warsaw’s Praga district and the Why is community art? series at Slot Art Festival. In 2017 I was the set designer for the TartLib theatre and from 2019 to 2020 I was a director and producer at the theatre group 3kolektyw. I also collaborated on the development of the Assumptions for the State Strategy for Youth 2020-2030 in the field of culture.

Recently, I have been focused on co-founding Dom Sztuki, a neighbourhood community centre in Grochów. As part of this activity, I have facilitated film meetings and co-organized a series of events about the city and climate, titled Happy Grochów. This title is inspired by Charles Montgomery’s book. I also curated a project to develop an activity commemorating the Grochow kibbutz.

🏆 In 2023, I was awarded a City of Warsaw scholarship to develop Dom Sztuki. You can read about my project here →

I engage

I initiated Odsłuch społeczny, which is probably the largest group in Poland dedicated to producing podcasts on political and social issues. We have conducted almost a hundred conversations since its inception.

I work as a neighbourhood animator at the CAL Association. I am a member of the city activism group Miasto Jest Nasze (The City Is Ours), and since June 2022 I have been a councillor for the Grochów-Północny community council.

🏆 In 2023, I was a finalist for the Stanislaw Wyspianski Scholarship for a combined artistic and social practice.

I write essays
(in Polish)

I am learning and
I’m learning more

As part of my interdisciplinary studies (MISH), I graduated in Cultural Studies at the Faculty of „Artes Liberales” and in Sociology at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences. I am currently a student at the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. 

At the same time as my formal education, I acquired practical knowledge. I have completed several trainings related to artistic and social activity, such as the Open Institute, the School of Looking, the Study of Social Culture and the Laboratory of New Theatre Practices.